Edgar Voit no longer actively engages in filmmaking. This homepage is a timecapsule, capturing the UNYIELDING passion for the art of film and photography that once was.

This portfolio is driven by a strong sense of rhythm and drama. During his years as a young freelance filmmaker, Edgar Voit attained friendly relations in many Estonian film studios and was praised for his works internationally.

2008. Film competition, Delfi “Just nagu filmis” 1st place
2009. Film competition, Estonian Ministry of Education and Research “Mina ja raha” 2nd place
2009. Film competition, Videojaht “Miks innovatsioon?” 1st place
2010. Film competition, Estonian Ministry of the Environment “Prügihunt” 1st place
2011. Sponsorship from Ischgl, Austria
2011. Film competition, Start IT Kõik on IT 1st place
2012. Partnership offer from GoPro Media Team, CA
2012. Film competition, European Commission “Project Passion“ 2nd place